Tractor's Revenge
ערוץ יוטיוב נקמת הטרקטור פייסבוק נקמת הטרקטור
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First album of the "Tractors Revenge".

"Kyr" - The Tractors are invited to compose and perform with the Bat Sheva Dance Company, choreographed by Ohad Naharin.
"Kyr" was premiered in the Israel Festival

Second album "The Right to shout".

"Kyr" – The album. Spcial gust Blain L. Reininger of "Tuxedmoon"

"Samara" - The Tractors compose and perform in a Rock Opera,
About the Israeli Palestinian conflict

drummer Dan Makov leaves the band, he is replaced by 17 years old Aviv Barak.

Fourth album "Kitchen Cupboards"

Fifth album "Acoustic Kitchen" – recorded during performance.
The Tractors collaborate with "Orkater" – A Dutch Experimental Theater Group in a performance that joined Industrial Instruments and music by the Tractors Revenge.
"Einoela" – The Tractors compose and perform in a performance choreographed by Noa Dar.

The Tractors are invited by Director and Actor Yossi Polak to compose and perform in "Othello" by William Shakespeare.
The album was released under the French label Gazul.
Roger Trigaux of "Present" and "Ground Zero" from Belgium guests on this album.

The Tractors compose for the film " Game Over".

Again with Yossi Polak the Tractors compose and perform "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare.

Seventh album "Where did everybody suddenly go"

Collaboration performance with "The Contemporary Israeli String Quartet".
Keyboardist Green leaves after 15 years with the Tractors, he is replaced by Eyal "Person" Shachar.
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